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Cantus Novus

800' and 900' Sacred music 



British Christmas Music for Children Choir

The UK has one of the most advanced and ancient traditions of the great European choral culture. Its roots lie in the Reformation period with the birth of Cathedral Music, choral music written for the services of the cathedrals. The first evidence of a Chapel Royal, a group of musicians mainly singers, intended for the liturgical service of the king of England, dates back to 1135. It was reconstituted in 1349 and in the second half of the century. XV singers included 27 adults and 10 children directed by the Master of the Children and represents the first official evidence of the presence of a children's choir in complex professional music. The treble voice choir Artemusica was founded in 2002 in Valperga and has received first prizes and special awards in the national and international choral competitions under the directorship of Debora Bria. Details and full texts in the booklet [English and Italian].








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