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Artemusica choir


Artemusica choir has been founded in Valperga, Turin, Italy in 2002 by Debora Bria, Director, and Carlo Beltramo, piano Director.


The choir performs concerts and artistic collaborations, stages, national andinternational events . Is frequently invited at prestigious festivals and contests.


In 2011 ARTEMUSICA recorded the CD "Cantus Novus” , dedicated to the Sacre Music of ’800 and ‘900.


In 2013, a new CD published by Elegia and Stradivarius has been produced named  "British Christmas Music for Children Choir” dedicated to the '900 english music


Lab choir


The lab treble choir, directed by M° Carlo Beltramo is active since 2006 and is focused on teaching choral music and performance to children from 5 to 10 years old.
The activity has an important function in introducing the young to the choir music:


  • teaching base tecnhiques; breathing, intonation, vocal expression, and musical expression

  • singing together and listening to each other

  • performing in front of an audience

  • choral contests participation

  • entering the youth choir perfectioning the technique 


This is a full growing path very important for the kids which receive a strong  education and formation, keeping at the same time an healthy balance between fun and application




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